5 Top San Blas Cusco Sites Nearby Cuesta San Blas

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5 Top San Blas Cusco Sites Nearby Cuesta San Blas

If you are visting Cusco, one of the things you will inevitably do is see the historic San Blas neighborhood and Calle Cuesta San Blas. On this page, we will cover the top 5 San Blas Cusco sites that you will need to see during your time here.

In addition to exploring the top 5 San Blas Cusco sites, you might need a helping hand exploring around all the Peru has to offer. While checking out the below sites, also be sure to keep Peru Mysterious in mind if you find yourself a little lost while exploring Cusco and the wonderful country of Peru!

1. The Twelve-Angled Stone

san blas cusco sites

The twelve-angled stone is a historic piece of architecture that was once used as part of the foundation in an Inca Palace. After the colonization, the palace was turned into a private residence and chapel for an archbishop.

Today, you can enter the archbishop’s old residence (now a museum) and view some of the best colonial art that was created throughout the years. In addition, you can walk around and marvel at the impressive Inca architecture that still stands strong to this day.

2. The Plaza San Blas

the plaza san blas

This is one of the top San Blas Cusco sites for good reason. This is a great place to grab a coffee, some lunch, buy some souvenirs, or simply lay back and kill some time. The Plaza San Blas is a lot more relaxed than the famous Plaza de Armas too.

While here, be sure to grab a seat on the bench and enjoy the view of the city. On Saturdays, you will usually also find a market on the plaza with lots of great Peruvian handmade and locally-imported products to take back home and remember your trip by!

3. Stroll Down Tandapata

san blas cusco sites

The historic Tandapata street goes all the way to Inca times, and connects the Mercado San Blas to the archaeological site Huaca Sapantiana. If you want to get a nice vantage point of all Cusco has to offer, this is a great street to walk down while in the Cuesta San Blas area.

To make it up to Tandapata, simply climb up Cuesta San Blas all the up to the Plaza San Blas. Once you arrive at the plaza, climb up the stairs with the fountain and you arrived! Since this street does not typically have any cars, it is almost like taking a walk through civilization lost 500 years ago!

4. Mercado San Blas

mercado san pedro san blas

Looking to try out some of the finest local produce products Cusco has to offer? Or simply try out a nice smoothie? If so, you need to see the Mercado San Blas! In addition, you can also find local menus which include a soup and entree at this market to refresh yourself before or after a trek!

The Mercado San Blas is located right at the far end up Tandapata. If you are climbing up Cuesta San Blas from the Twelve-Angled Stone, you will reach the Plaza San Blas Climb up the stairs with the fountain and turn right. Head all the way to the end of Tandapata and you will arrive!

5. Walk Up to the Moon Temple

moon temple cusco

If you climbed up as far as the Plaza San Blas, you might as well go a little further up and see the famous Moon Temple (Templo de la Luna in Spanish). Although, keep in mind that it will be about 30 minutes walking from the Plaza San Blas.

If you would prefer to take a taxi, this would be recommended for those suffering with potential altitude sickness. It should cost you about 15 soles from San Blas to reach the Moon Temple. From there, you can also rent a horse to see the temple in style!

Thinking to Come & See San Blas?

If you want to come and see the historic San Blas neighborhood and the Calle Cuesta San Blas, you might be confused on logistics. Here at Peru Mysterious, we are happy to show you around all the top San Blas Cusco sites with a bilingual guide. Get in touch with us today for a free quote on our services!

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