10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cusco, Peru – Cusco City Tour

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15 de enero de 2021

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cusco, Peru – Cusco City Tour

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There are many fun things to see in the imperial city of Cusco. Even if you have visited here and been on a couple Cusco tours, you can still miss much of what this wonderful city has to offer. Below, we will break down 10 facts that you can learn more about on one of the Cusco city tour from Peru Mysterious.

1. It Pre-Dates the Incas

Despite the legend of Manco Capac founding Cusco around 1200 AD, there is strong evidence to assert that humans were here much before the times of the Incas.

The Marcavalle culture is estimated to be among the first inhabitants of the city over 3,000 years ago. They were preceded by the Wari, the Killke, and eventually, the Incas.

2. Much of the City is Built on Inca Foundation

The Incas were master architects and very good with stone work. When you walk along the streets of Cusco you will notice a fine difference between the pre-colonial construction and the post-colonial construction.

Sites built by the Iccas and their predecessors are easy to spot out for their perfectly-fitting stone look without mortar. Usually, you will see this construction along the foundations of buildings around the historic center.

3. It Was Protected by a Impenetrable Fortress

One of the most popular sites in entire country of Peru is the historic Sacsayhuaman fortress. Here, you will find some of the most impressive monolithic construction that exists anywhere in the world.

Only sites like the pyramids and surrounding temples in Giza can truly compare with the magnificent construction found at Sacsayhuaman. After the colonial period, we know that the Spanish conquerors took much of the stones here to build their homes except for the largest and hardest-to-move ones found at the bottom seen today.

4. There are Underground Tunnels

The ingenuity of the Incas is found throughout many parts of Cusco. Just as monarchs in medieval Europe commonly built underground escape tunnels inside castle walls, we find underground tunnels in the city of Cusco. One of the most popular is the one that runs from Qorikancha (the Sun Temple) all the way to edge of the city at Sacsayhuaman. 0

5. It Was Built to Be in the Shape of a Puma

From the head of the Puma at the Sacsayhuaman fortress to the plaza of Huacaypata which corresponds to the navel all the way to the Tullumayo River as the tail, we find that the city of Cusco was constructed to be in the shape of a Puma. This should come as no suprise since the Incas and previous native tribes in the pre-colonial period were very fond of nature and animals and even worshipped them!

6. A Main Language of the Incas is Still Spoken Here

It is difficult to say that the Incas only had one main language. Although Quechua is widely regarded as the language of the Incas, there were also also various other ancient native languages spoken by the Incas.

Quechua, however, managed to survive the test of time in Cusco. You can still communicate with locals in this ancient language today throughout the streets of Cusco.

7. Cusco is the Center of the World!

The original name for the Inca Empire is Tawantinsuyo (Tah-Wah-Teen-Soo-Yo). This essentially translates into “four corners.” Cusco, was known by the Incas to be the center of the empire, and the known world at the time. The wonder that was Cusco to the Incas is evident throughout the city’s extravagant stone construction still able to be seen today.

8. Full of Oral Legends Never Written Down

The Incas never had a traditional form of writing like the European world. As a result, communication was done through a sophisticated form of tying knots of string. THese are known today as quipus. Much work is still being done by academic scholars to decode the meaning of these quipus.

As a result, there are many oral tradition legends that you won’t find anywhere else in the world throughout the streets of Cusco. Come take a Cusco tour with Peru Mysterious to learn some of these from natives!

9. Built by Human (not alien) Ingenuity

It is sad that this fact even still deserves attention. When people come and marvel at the wonderful architecture found in Peru and the city of Cusco, they immediately dismiss humans as the creators. To do so mocks and belittles the intelligence of the human race.

Come take a Cusco city tour and we will break down exactly how sites like the Twelve-Angled stone by Cuesta San Blas were built with human ingenuity.

10. It is Very Safe!

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If you come in town for a Cusco city tour from a place like Europe, Australia, the United States, and so on, you need not worry. We Cusqueñans are welcoming to our brothers and sisters from all over the world.

Although petty crime can happen, it can also happen anywhere in the world. Come to Cusco with the confidence that you will be safe throughout your time here.

Ready to Come Over for a Cusco City Tour?

If you are in town and ready to go on Cusco city tour, then you will likely need some help along the way. Here at Peru Mysterious, we are proud to offer bilingual guides for your Cusco tour. Get in contact with us today to learn more about what we do and to receive a free quote.

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